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Still a Cookie Connection
I have this photo of me sitting in my office,when I was just six years old. I am not smiling as I was caught that day stealing a 2 cents cookie and I am so ashamed. I wanted the cookie so badly and didn't have the money. I pretended to put 2 pennies in the can "clink" "clink" and took a pink marshmellow cookie, sprinkled with coconut. The teacher looked in the cup and found just two pennies when there were to be four. I had picked up the two in there and redropped them. I had been caught! This is the day for school photos. I could not master a smile. I remember that day as if it were yesterday. Here I am today. 62 years old and still love those cookies. (only now I buy them!) I can't help but feel sad when I see this photo in knowing I wanted them so bad that I would steal them.
09 2002
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