About the Mirror Project

The Mirror Project began life as the awkwardly titled Friends of Jezebel's Mirror, or FOJM, an adjunct site to Heather Champ's Jezebel’s Mirror in October '99.

Poor planning and lack of foresight created a hand coded unsearchable frames based behemoth as the collection of photographs and stories grew well beyond her expectations.

Derek Powazek gifted Heather the mirrorproject.com domain as a Christmas / Hanukkah gift in 2000.

Aaron Straup Cope brought the site kicking and screaming into the naughts with a beautiful database that made life far more manageable.

FOJM relaunched as the Mirror Project in June of 2001 with just over seven hundred contributions. Approximately 9,000 people from around the world contributed 34,000 photographs to the Mirror Project by capturing photographs of themselves in all manner of reflective surfaces. Sadly, the site met an untimely end some time in 2006 when someone dropped the server, or something like that.

Aaron’s resuscitation of the site is a work in progress. It is presently a time capsule and we’re not accepting new contributions. Bits and pieces may have moved around during the flight. Please open your overhead luggage compartment with caution.

If you’d like to make contact, please feel free to email.