Bruce | Buzz-Cut | Northampton, Massachusetts
Pam always cuts my hair at Bucci in downtown Northampton but Pam wasn't working today and I really wanted to get my hair cut today. I guess I wasn't very clear when I said to Emily, "I always have my hair cut with a #4 razor and #3 in back." (I forgot to mention how Pam uses scissors along much of the top and side.) Minutes later, when I take a good look at my head in the mirror all I see is one big bald head. I knew then that I should have brought my camera for it was a comical FOJM moment. "Wow, Emily, that sure is short," I say. "Guess I won't have to worry about it blowing in the wind." When I get home I take a few self-portraits for posterity and start to think that it kind of looks like a Bruce Willis haircut and that's exactly what I say to Danielle when she turns around from the kitchen table where she is studying for her SAT's, sees me, my head, and with eyes way wide-open says, "Whoa, Dad, that's pretty short." And I say "Yes, it is, but doesn't it kind of look like a Bruce Willis haircut?" And she says "Well, maybe, but it kind of makes you look shorter." Ouch. I forgive her though; she scores 13 points in her basketball game this afternoon--including three 3-pointers and helps lead her team to a very important win. Oh, and Betsy says she's going to call me "Curly" for now on. Days later I run into someone who says, "Bruce, I like your haircut. Looks like George Clooney." Betsy said notice she said it and not you.
03 2001
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