Adrian Sevitz | DrizaBone On Safari | Philansburg, South Africa
DrizaBone On Safari
I am back in South Africa for a holiday and brought some UK friends down for the holiday. This being the case I had to take them on a 'safari' so they could see the wild africa side of things. This is on one of the drives organised by the Bakubang (means place of the hippo) hotel. I stuggeled for ages to get a shot of the mirror without that big guys sholder in it. If you look really closely the guy in the DrizaBone (its a cowboy type hat made from Kangaroo which I bought in Oz) hat in the back of the mirror is me. I tried to get the big gun that the guide had in the shot too (we are on safari after all) but didn't do such a good job.
02 2002
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