Bruce Barone
The Northampton, Massachusetts High School Girls Soccer Team is in the kitchen. They arrived for a pasta dinner one hour early. My wife, Betsy, is somewhere between here and the Oxbow soccer fields, taking our 12-year-old son, Daryl, to his girlfriend's soccer game; she won't be back for 30-40 minutes. I'm taking photos of the girls. Some are in the study down-loading songs from Napster, making a "Spirit CD." God, it's loud. I made 76 turkey meatballs (I actually made 82 but tasted a few for "doneness"). Evening's end tally: 14 turkey meatballs left for future consumption. Three loaves garlic bread, three boxes of pasta, two bags of salad, lots of brownies and chocolate cookies gone. Many happy soccer players. Some leve with their own new CD.
01 2001
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