Betsy Barone
This is my daughter Danielle's first "fojm" photograph so we're out celebrating, having dinner in downtown Northampton: well, not exactly: my wife, Betsy and son, Daryl, are at Cape Hatteras, North Carolina on vacation (why I am not there I have not a clue: well, that's not true: I am waiting for my bear-dented and bear-haired car to be repaired - see, Danielle had an accident with a bear last week: she's okay, the bear? - he wandered back into the woods) and Danielle and I decided to go out for dinner. "Don't take my picture," she said over dinner (I did) and when I returned from the bathroom and told her how I took pictures in all the mirrors, she almost screamed, saying, "Dad, what if someone came in?" And I said, "well, they could be in it, too." When we left the restaurant and walked by the science store I saw this skeleton and thought two things: 1) I must lose some weight and 2) let's get a closer look. And we did.
06 2001
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