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Saw some trucks, just parked there in perfect rows behind the old military base. No one noticed me trespassing. One guard did drive by an hour later, and I just smiled at him. I was busy trying to get the perfect reflection of my belly button in the grills of the truck.

It was quite windy that day. That's about all I remember. It was just last Sunday though. That doesn't say much now does it. I was alone. I usually am when I take pictures. Just me.

This is not my truck, but if I had a truck it would look a little like this. I took a whole roll of pictures. Only in devoping it did the story emerge. I used to want a digital camera so bad, because I'm sort of obsessed with the idea of photographing myself and seeing it right then and there. I developed this one a few short hours after I took it. This picture is the closest feeling to digital photography I've felt in a long time.

It's enough to entertain me for a while, anyway.
06 2001
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