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Starbucks, somewhere between Euston and Oxford St, London and SW London and Tate Modern Gallery, London and Tate Modern Museum, London and Tate Modern Museum, Top Floor Cafe, London, UK and Tate Modern, London and Tate Modern, London, England and Tate Modern, London, England (N51.508 W0.0997) and Tate Modern, London, England. and Tate Modern, Southwark, London and Temperate House, Kew Gardens, London and Thames River, London and The British Library of Political and Economic Science, London School of Economics and the British Museum, London and The Castle Hotel, London England and The Foundry, Old St, London E1 and The Gadget Shop, London, UK and The living room floor, Hackbridge, Surrey, England and The London Underground and The N172 bus stop, New Oxford Street, London