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11 floor, west 58 st, nyc and 11 West 53rd, New York City, NY and 11th ave, new york, ny and 13th and 3rd Ave, NYC and 13th Street, New York and 1st St., NYC and 20th Street Station New York, NY and 229 Mott St., New York, Nov 2000 and 26th bt. 6th and 7th in NYC and 30th street NYC and 42 & broadway NYC and 42nd Street, New York City and 4:30 a.m., New York City and 56 close to sixth ave NYC and 58th St. btwn Madison & Park Aves, NYC and 5th Av. New York City and 5th Ave, NYC and 5th Avenue; Park Slope Brooklyn, NY and 71st st, ny and 765 5th Ave, New York City