Michele Howley | commute | Brooklyn, NY
We are all like little sperm. And in the morning I am not the strongest swimmer. But it seems, in order to get from one bus to one pregnancy packed train, one must be a strong swimmer--ready to knock down and/or kill any other sperm who gets in their way. I hate my commute. And this morning I played the darting game. And half way between the Freeman bus stop and my L connection it occurred to this little swimmer, that we rush madly around the basement, bowels and roadways of Manhattan and Brooklyn to get to our jobs in time. It's like a race to get in to hell first. I take pictures every day of my daily commute and today (for the first time) I took a picture of myself. I was the fastest sperm. I arrived to work in record time. You might say it's a good day fellow sperm. I got to hell first.
04 2002
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