Sami Taalas | Lost in Siam, Looking for the Hill Tribes | Mountain North of Chiang Mai, Thailand
Lost in Siam, Looking for the Hill Tribes
I was riding a motorbike on the mountains north of Chiang Mai, Thailand, looking for the Hill Tribes Village. I got lost somewhere up in the mountain and the road was getting more and more narrow. It was xmas day and the level of frustration and sadness were on the rise. I stopped and looked over a cliff, and there was a most beautiful, awesomely spacious, tropical valley. The air smelled heavenly sweet and crispy, the forest was intensly green and a distant waterfall sparkled in the setting sun. I took two pictures with my right hand. The haze around me is a cloud.I can see the valley every time I look at the expression on my face reflected from the mirror. The larger version hangs on my office wall.
06 2002
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