Juan Ulloa | Chris Clean and I | Madison, WI
Chris Clean and I
Dummies have always brought my attention because of their lifelessness. CPRDummies are even more interesting because not only are they lifeless butthey are used to teach us how to save peoples lifes. But anyways, ChrisClean and I got to know each other pretty well during a CPR class we tooktogether. He was sort of my partner for a while. He wasn't quite theinstructor, and wasn't a student either. But we always seemed to end uppaired up for one reason or another. From all the students in the class, Ithink I was the only one who bothered talking to him. Chris was kind of anexcentric character, I don't know how else to put it. He was sort of thequiet one in the class, a loner you might say. He also slept in theclassroom, in a box, that was kept in a storage closet. I don't know howlong he's been sleeping there, but I don't think it is all that comfortablein there. But he never complained; he never talked; heck! he never reallymoved.
02 2001
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