Mohamed A Elhassan | So nervous, you'd think it was MY wedding | Riverside California
Riverside California
So nervous, you'd think it was MY wedding
My friends were getting married in Riverside CA at the MissionInn which is this fantastical place right in the center of town. It said"black tie" on my invitation so I, for the first time, went a rented atuxedo and put it on the moment I got there (I had driven for 6 hrs to getthere and got there about 2 hrs before the ceremony). In the picture I amstanding in front of the mirror in the hallway at the hotel, trying not towobble. I think the nervous look on my face was due to the fact that thebutton on the tuxedo jacket had popped off about two minutes before andthere was no sewing kit at the front desk.
12 2001
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