Mohamed A Elhassan | Come Along Now Mr Elhassan | Arizona State University campus, Tempe, AZ
Come Along Now Mr Elhassan
There's a wall between the Physical Sciences Building and theCancer Research Institute on campus, and they have these mirrored panes ofglass there, on a curve. As you pass between them you can see yourselfmultiply reflected, like your clones are following you. I had noticed it ahundred times as I was off to get something, and swore I would get a cameraand take a picture of myself. Finally I got my Canon AE1 out and went downthere on a May afternoon. I stood around for about half an hour trying tofigure out angles and finally got a picture so that neither I nor the camerawere actually showing, but the series of reflections were. This was theresult. Look Ma, no Photoshop!
12 2001
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