Meg Pickard
The black and white photograph in which I am reflected is a photo of me,aged four, playing on the beach in Port Erin on the Isle of Man, where mygrandparents lived. You can tell it's the seventies, because I'm wearing adelightful patchwork printed mini dress and gumboots (you can't tell, butthey're red - I remember them so well). Port Erin used to be a Victorianholiday resort - on the cliffs above the beach, you can see the promenade ofgrand hotels looking out to sea.

The photo sits on my desk, beside my computer at home. This evening I turnedthe desk lamp a different way and noticed the reflection in the pictureframe. Me, aged four, playing on holiday; me, twenty three years later,coming home late from work with a headache.
11 2001
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