David Fillingham | Burgos, Spain
I was in Spain for the concert tour of The Gabrieli Consort. They wereperforming music from a 17th century manuscript that I found in theorgan of the Collegial Church of Lerma twenty two years ago. I gave amicrofilm copy of it to my friend Doug who wrote a dissertation atMcGill University in Montreal. He has been performing from it foryears now. It is for 6-8 parts and the concert performed in Valladolid,Burgos, Lerma (a sleepy little town where the music was found), andthe chapel at El Escorial. I was along for the ride, but I was very popularbecause I speak Spanish and I know the local wine makers. We mademany trips to the area wine growers and the magnificent towns and churchesof Castilla/Leon.It was hard being away from my wife Debra after 9/11, but my flight wasamong the first ones allowed back into Boston. I am glad to be back in theUSA.
11 2001
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