Robin Grose-Blake | Ghosts from the Future | downtown Mexico City, Mexico
Ghosts from the Future
A friend and I were visiting the Antiguo Colegio deSan Ildefonso, a museum housed in a buildingconstructed in the 1700's. In the classic ColonialMexico way, the building consists of rooms on severalfloors that look out on a central rectangular open-aircourtyard. We are on one side of the second story,looking towards a window covered on the inside with atarp. Looking at the photo, I realized that this oldhistorical building is a lot more "real" and solidthat we are ... my friend and I seem so insubstantial... just another couple of ethereals passing through... were it not for the shadows we cast, I would havewondered if we really *were* ghosts ...
11 2001
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