Suzanne K | Invention | Elgin, Illlinois
Elgin, Illlinois
Not all inventions are cutting edge scientific or electronic technology. Some inventor, somewhere, came up with the 4-roll toilet paper dispenser.

It can be a little scary though, because the staff doesn't have to check the bathroom as often, and that can lead to some crises in cleanliness.

After I got back home it occurred to me that I had no idea how this contraption really works. So I'll have to return and reel off all the paper on the bottom roll and see what triggers the next roll to fall into place. It must have something to do with gravity, but how does it know when the last bit of paper is used up?

Do you think you have to pull the brown paper tube off, and then it falls into place? You know, I think way too much and ask way too many questions.

Anyway, this was taken in the ladies bathroom at the friendly (ha ha) local Wal Mart.
06 2004
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