Belinda Chambers | Yamaha | Anacortes, Washington
My boyfriend's Yamaha Virago has dozens of really cool, reflective surfaces. This one's the biggest.

On the day I took this (and a series of other, reflective motorcycle-part photos) I was in the parking lot of a local hardware store, waiting for my boyfriend to wade through the crowded aisles to find what he was looking for.

I received plenty of strange looks from folks who had to walk by me while I was lying down on the asphalt trying to simultaneously capture both my face and my camera in the tiny, reflective end of the front footpeg.

One guy was actually brave enough to ask me what I was doing. Thus I once again experienced the rapture of telling yet another unenlightened soul about the joys of The Mirror Project. See what those other, timid folks missed out on?

But, I honestly can't blame them. I, myself, avoid folks who are engaged in bizarre activities while dressed in black leather.
04 2004
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