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I laughed when I first saw this picture. I'd forgotten to take my watch off. Therefore, I'm not officially completely naked.

Actually, I'm glad I left the watch on, because it adds a nice touch of reality to the photo. It also serves as a reminder of the ongoing passage of time. My body won't always look this way. Even though I've given birth to four children (yes, prior to when this picture was taken) and my body has held up really well, it can't continue to defeat the even more powerful forces of nature: Gravity and Time.

After becoming a mom, I realized that my body was designed for something far more important than being ogled by men. Which lifted a big ol 'load from my consciousness. Now I'm rarely concerned with how I look. What I do care about is what goes into my body in the way of healthy food and air, as well as pleasing visual and auditory stimuli.

Why spoil a good thing?
03 2004
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