Belinda Chambers | Cosmetology | Bow, Washington
We have a bunch of beautifully decorated, beauty-school heads strategically positioned in various places around our house. Both inside and out. My boyfriend has a fascination with them that may or may not be of serious concern.

My favorite head wears a bright green, child-sized snorkeling mask. I haven't seen it in awhile, though. Our neighbor's dog has most likely dragged it off to one of her secret hiding places. On one occasion, our neighbor brought back a big bag full of all our rubber dinosaurs. And a bunch of other strange stuff, including a big ol', freshly used paint brush. It must have been a way-too-bizarre experience for him, as he hasn't brought back anything else, despite the fact that lots more stuff has disappeared.

We're kind of afraid to go over and ask him about the missing, dog-slobbered contraband. Periodically, his mail gets misdelivered to our house, and it's always a bunch of NRA-related stuff. Fortunately, he doesn't seem like the kind of guy who would hang out at the Mirror Project.

Knock wood.
03 2004
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