Belinda Chambers | iMac | Bellingham, Washington
Yep. I love me them Apples.

I've lost count of how many Macs I've bought over the past god-knows-how-many years. I still have my ancient Powerbook 520c (color!) that runs at a mighty 25 mgz with 8 megs of RAM. And it was computer number three.

Understandably, my kids are computer whizzes. When he was 14, one of my sons wrangled an intership at the premiere computer store in our area. Now, at age 18, he's the service manager of yet another well-know retailer. I am in awe.

Not to mention proud.

He can fix Macs in his sleep. I remember when I performed my first memory upgrade. I was sweating bullets, certain I would screw something up. It probably took me half an hour. With my son, it's like, "Need more memory for your iBook, Mom? Here." And in less than 30 seconds (I'm not kidding), I'm the proud owner of an even more powerful laptop.

I love my kids.
03 2004
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