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Sandrina and Xavier
Ostend feb 19 th 2003

Xavier and I in front of the horsetrack on his birthday.Ostend is queen of the coastal cities in Belgium, it is known that you could take a ferry from here to England, unfortuantly the company stopped this service recently, this after a tradition of over more than 150 years!!We will miss our boats, it was part of our landscape... and work for the locals. Our fishing industry has disapeared as well.Many artists found peace here, James Ensor and Spilliaert who painted our Ostend sky like no one else could... Marvin Gay loved it over here.Old people come here to retire.The city dies and becomes a cultural desert.We have a love and hate relationship with the town, if you visit it you will understand. Xavier is a Ensor connaiseur, writer, artist and pot.
08 2003
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