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shelter island, new york
Rocket and I went to spend the weekend at his friend's seaside home on Shelter Island. Rocket wanted to bring the old Velocifero he bought off the street a few weeks before for $100 (--from a self-proclaimed "professional model-shtupper" who was about to throw the poor scooter in the East River--), but he needed a Moto-Tow to attach to the back of the jeep so we could take it with us. 500 some odd dollars later and after a long harrowing day of procuring the contraption, putting it together, screwing it on to the back of the car and tying the scooter up onto it, we were good to go.

We used the scooter to take us everywhere we went that weekend. Mostly to the beach and back again. Which was perfect. Riding it in the city, I always feel like the scooter is going to putter out or fall apart underneath me as we're bombing across the Brooklyn Bridge. But on the island, over quiet hills and windy roads, it was a smooth, soothing ride.

This picture was taken on the day we were leaving, after Rocket and his friend John put the scooter back up on the back of the car. We stood back and looked at it skeptically and tugged on the ropes and belts to see if we could make it fall off.
08 2003
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