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Morning Console
I love riding my bike to work. With the heat wave in Chicago, the sweat factor during the ride is something that needed to be addressed. I don't mind the fact that my shirt and underwear get soaked through - I bring clean ones in my backpack to change into once I arrive. But sometimes the sweat gets into my eyes and drips all over my glasses. Thus the bandana. It's not that I want to be a gangsta' rapper, or have flashbacks to the 80's (though I was guilty of bandana fashion abuse then), it's just a necessity for the ride. But, truth be told, I've grown rather fond of it on my rides. So even though it was a cool 85 today, I still wore it, and it was only somewhat soaked when I got to work :) This shot was taken just before my morning ride, as I looked into the call-console on my way out the door of my apartment building.
08 2001
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