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Oval face
I had been researching a new haircut for myself on the Internet, and I kept running across sites recommending that you find out your face shape so you can see what style is flattering for your face type. The sites said to take a tube of lipstick, stand in front of a mirror, and trace around the edges of your face. I did this a couple of times in different mirrors around the house. I crossed my fingers that the result would be an oval face, for I'm told that it is the most lovely and desirable face shape to have because any haircut looks good on an oval face. I told my friend who cuts my hair this whole story and my mother said, "So that's what lipstick was doing on my mirror!" We all had a good laugh, then my friend cut my hair in the style which you see here. I hope we chose the right one for my lovely and desirable face shape.
03 2003
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