Ron Noteborn | Looking from Above | Copenhagen, Denmark, Netto Supermarked in Østerbro
Looking from Above
This picture was taken while waiting in line at the local Netto supermarked. They have some large spherical mirrors hanging above the counters there, which give such a fantastic round view over the whole area. In the picture is my girlfriend to the right, packing stuff, and ofcourse me. Plus a lot of people whom I don't know. The best thing about the photo is that you can see how people are really busy doing their own thing. People here don't say anything to the girl behind the counter, other than how much money they want to have charged on their card, so it is a pretty anonymous business in such a supermarked. I think the photograph reflects that a bit. But most funny I find the view from above, and the wide field as the mirror is so round that it reflects everything wide around you.
12 2002
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