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The Sixth Figure
At the Art Institute in Chicago there is/was an an amazing exhibit (where no photographs are allowed) for the sculptor Juan Muoz. It turns out that one of his pieces, "Five Seated Figures," includes a mirror. Of course I couldn't resist. The difficult thing was that there was almost always a security guard near the doorway. I tried several times to take a picture when a) no one else was around and b) the guard was somewhere else. The moment didn't seem to be arriving. I walked away at one point, but the thrill of trying to get this shot called me back. I placed my Visor w/ eyemodule2 beneath my museum map and went up to the guard and asked him a question. I then thanked him and walked away, pretending to be looking at my map. Some visitors walked into an adjacent room and as the guard tended to them, I found myself alone for a very brief moment...
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